Activist of "Youth wing" of UzLiDeP created a technology to produce 4 colors of paint from waste onions and pomegranates

03.04.2018, 11:02

Activist of

Khorezm regional council of UzLiDeP organized a training seminar on the theme "The role of innovative technologies in increasing the efficiency of business and production" at the Urgench State University.

During the event participants presented about 30 of their innovative ideas.

– I participated with an innovative project on the topic «Biotechnology of fruit and vegetable processing and its ecological properties», – said the student of this university K. Saparbayev. –We together with my scientific supervisor A. Rakhimov have created a technology for the production of 4 colors of paint from waste of onion and pomegranate. It is noteworthy that at today's seminar with the assistance of the party we reached an agreement with LLC «Urganch Bahmal».

It should be noted that interesting innovative ideas of participants did not leave indifferent members of jury. Innovative ideas on processing of melon varieties, production of chips from fruit and vegetables, manufacture of foil from factory waste, ceramic bricks, cost of which is cheaper on 40 percent and weight is lighter in 3 times, manufacture of dry dairy products for children оver 8 months of age aroused great interest among many participants of the seminar.

Winners and prize-winners of the training seminar received memorable gifts from the regional council of the party.


press secretary of Khorezm regional council of UzLiDeP

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