207 new workplaces will be created in the innovative techno park "Yashnobod"

11.04.2018, 11:46

207 new workplaces will be created in the innovative techno park

A joint meeting of UzLiDeP deputies' groups and Yashnabad regional Kengash of people's deputies was held in the Tashkent city. The responsible employees of the city and district khokimiyats, as well as members of the Innovation technopark took part in it.

At the meeting the participants heard the report of the responsible workers about the organization of the innovative technopark in the Yashnabad district according to the decree on creation of an innovative technology park in Yashnabad district of the capital on 5 June, 2017.

It was noted that this technopark was allocated a land plot of 7.5 hectares. Currently, the production of multifunctional online cash registers (OOO "My Air Group") and the release of 3D printers (LLC "Greencode") have received the relevant certificates giving the status of residents of the Yashnabad technopark.

The agency on science and technologies of the Republic of Uzbekistan held a presentation of 21 projects to obtain the status of resident of the innovative park "Yashnobod". Most important, more than 30 innovative proposals came from businesses and individuals, and some work is being done in this direction.

It should be noted that in order to implement the above projects it is expected to attract investments in the amount of 7156.6 thousand US dollars. In this, investors' own funds amount to 5,983.2 thousand US dollars, bank loans -556 thousand dollars and funds of investors and customers - 617.4 thousand US dollars. It is noteworthy, that 207 permanent jobs will be created as a result.

During the meeting, the relevant decisions of UzLiDeP deputies' groups on all issues discussed were adopted.

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