PPO activists help novice entrepreneurs to organize work on their own household plots (VIDEO)

19.07.2018, 18:49

PPO activists help novice entrepreneurs to organize work on their own household plots (VIDEO)

The Yangikurgan district council of UzLiDeP has 100 PPO. Currently, primary organizations conduct outreach activities within the framework of the project «Primary organizations of UzLiDeP – assistants to entrepreneurs on personal household plots».

Within the framework of implementing the project, members of PPO visited  houses and studied the living conditions of families.

– I, together with my children, grandchildren and daughter-in-law, grow lemons on 2 ha of land, - said a resident of «Sutbulok» makhalla A. Egamberdiev. – This year, our family received 2.5 million soums of profit from sales of lemons. In order to obtain more income, we began to grow seedlings as well.

Tilankulova organized a greenhouse on her household plot of 4 ha of land with the help of the PPO activists.

– We spent 7 million soums to organize the greenhouse, - said H.Tilankulova. – Our family received an income of 3 million soums from the first harvest. On the recommendation of UzLiDeP activists, we planted special variety of tomato and received over 10 kilograms of fruit from each bush. In the autumn we plan to grow cucumbers.


press-secretary of Namangan

regional council of UzLiDeP

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Санъат Исматов2018-07-18 17:25:00

Цель нашей акции было помогать простому народу чтобы они получали дополнительные доходы не выходя из дома. Читая такие статьи и видя семьи, которые смогли достичь чего то с помощью нашей партии я радуюсь и понимаю что мы работаем не зря.