UzLiDeP: «Web- freelance» activity will provide employment for unorganized youth and housewives

23.07.2018, 17:58

UzLiDeP: «Web- freelance» activity will provide employment for unorganized youth and housewives

The Executive Committee of the Political Council of UzLiDeP organized an open dialogue to discuss the topic «web freelance» and activities of «web freelancers».

During the event the participants discussed the initiative of  UzLiDeP on this activity and the tendencies of its establishment in our country on a legal basis. It was noted that web freelancers are self-employed persons without any long-term contractual obligations with any employer. They provide services or work on short-term contracts with several employers or clients. This activity covers dozens of specialties, from a journalist to a doctor.

Speakers noted that this type of activity is rapidly developing in the world, currently in America 37 percent of the employed population are freelancers, in the Russian Federation - 4, India - about 1.5 percent.

According to the representative of the Ministry of Information Technologies and communications of the Republic of Uzbekistan, in our country today people are actively finding remote work through the Internet, we should study the experience of developed countries and on the basis of this develop suggestions and recommendations. In this sense, the UzLiDeP initiative is a requirement of time and the organization of today's open dialogue is the first important step in this direction. 

During the open dialogue, the party activists also expressed their views and opinions on the issue of the agenda. It was noted that today the legalization of the web-freelance sphere in the country is a good opportunity for the development and streamlining of the intellectual labor market and e-commerce market. There are many advantages of legitimizing freelancing. First of all, this kind of activity will serve the development of e-commerce, bring additional revenue to the budget and, most importantly, ensure job placement for certain segments of the population and prevent the outflow of intellectual resources from the country.

According to the party, it is necessary to include the term "web freelancer" in the list of activities authorized for an individual entrepreneur. For this, undoubtedly, it is necessary to study the proposals of young people on this issue on the ground.

The party does not accidentally put forward this initiative because today in our country a lot of unorganized youth, housewives who do not have a permanent place of work. According to the data, about 1,500 freelancers are registered on the online. If we create a legal basis for this modern type of business, they will be able to conduct their work freely and legally.

According to the participants of the dialogue, the development of «web freelance» and «web freelancer» of activities will serve to develop the intellectual labor market in the country.

The event was held in a spirit of lively conversation, where practical suggestions and recommendations were made. It was decided to summarize them and to hold similar events regularly with UzLiDeP.

Press-service of UzLiDeP

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Виктор2018-07-25 22:48:04

Хорошая идея. Когданибудь, однажды, веб фриланс станет официальной деятельностью в Узбекистане. Лет через 50...

Sultan2018-07-20 12:54:16

Фрилансеры это не домохозяйки вам они зарабатывают в среднем 1-3 тыс долларов в месяц на просторах зарубежного интернета. В Узбекистане нет ит специалистов по этому считаете и думаете так.

Зульфия2018-07-20 11:34:11

Наверное очень хорошая идея ,только узнать куда нужно подойти ,мне осталось до пенсии год ,но у меня очень болят ноги и очень сложно ходить на работу я бы работала дома и платила налоги .Я бы могла печь ,но к сожалению в первом микрорайоне воду дают утром на два часа и вечером на два часа и так шесть лет мы живем ,а в первом микрорайоне живут больше трех тысяч человек ,зимой проблемы с газом и светом в этом году тоже были ,если например шить ,так как швейные машинки электрические .