New PPO at "Katqala teks" Ltd. was opened in Khorezm by UzLiDeP

20.09.2018, 11:09

New PPO at

The group of companies «Uztex group» is the largest vertical company for the production of textile products in the Republic of Uzbekistan. «Katqala teks», «Uztex Shovot», «Shovot tekstil» are also among such enterprises.

Members of the working group, getting acquainted with the activities of large entrepreneurs of the region, met with workers and employees of the enterprise "Katqala teks".

According to the general director of U. Abdullayev, currently more than 750 workers and employees work at the joint venture. The products produced at the enterprise are exported to such countries as Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, USA, and Canada.

It is noteworthy that experienced specialists from Turkey and Pakistan are involved to upgrade the skills of the company's employees, which has a production capacity of 70 million pieces of socks per year. At the enterprise there is a separate hotel with the European standard for foreign guests. New employees are trained on 4-month courses, and then they start working. Thus, the growth of professional skills of the company's employees is achieved.

– The meeting is held at the company every Monday, in the course of which the results of the outgoing week are summed up, and next tasks are outlined, – said deputy director of the financial department of the enterprise B. Yuldashev.  – In addition, together with members of our primary party organization, we exchange views on the new laws adopted in our country, the essence and significance, the implementation of state programs.

It should be noted that the company organizes visits to theaters in order to efficiently organize the leisure of workers. At the end of the event, the primary party organization of UzLiDeP was organized in this enterprise


 chief of staff of Khorezm regional

council of UzLiDeP

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