Lectures of UzLiDeP serve to enhance the organizational skills of youth

12.12.2017, 10:08

Lectures of UzLiDeP serve to enhance the organizational skills of youth

The regional council of UzLiDeP organized a lesson to increase the leadership potential of youth in the Bukhara Engineering and Technology Institute.

The event was attended by university professors, leading scientists, specialists, activists of political parties and deputies of local Kengashes.

Training sessions were conducted in ten groups on clarification the legal bases, goals and tasks of political parties as well as a report on the analysis of the work of «Women's wing» with unorganized youth aroused great interest among the participants.

During the training sessions, the speakers also paid special attention to issues related to parliamentary activities. In particular, it was noted the need to increase the activity of employees of the city, district and regional Councils of UzLiDeP, improve the work of deputies with the electorate and also based on modern requirements to improve the work of the party at all levels.


Bukhara regional council of UzLiDeP

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