UzLiDeP Women’s Wing and its partners helped to reconcile 4,341 Kashkadarya families

11.02.2019, 22:45

UzLiDeP Women’s Wing and its partners helped to reconcile 4,341 Kashkadarya families

This was stated at the workshop on prevention of the breakup of marriages and resolution of issues that adversely affect strengthening families. The event was held by the department for working with women of UzLiDeP Kashkadarya Regional Kengash within the framework of Safe Family project.

At the workshop, it was emphasized that measures are being implemented on strengthening cultural and moral environment, preventing offenses, negative actions, including suicides, among women, identifying and neutralizing factors affecting family breakdowns.

“Happiness of a woman contributes to the well-being of the family. 533 families are considered to be disadvantaged in our region, 98 are experiencing material shortages, 66 are abusing alcohol, and 142 are constantly causing family quarrels. Another 38 families do not have a permanent residence. In this regard, the Women’s Committee together with Oila Scientific and Practical Research Center are taking necessary measures on strengthen families and improving the spiritual environment. Thanks to this, 4341 families were reconciled in 2018 and thus conditions for 6756 children to grow up in full-fledged families are created”, – said the Head of Department of UzLiDeP Kashkadarya Regional Kengash Gulbakhorkhon Turayeva.

Following the event, opinions and suggestions were expressed on preparing youth for marriage, teaching them the psychological and legal aspects of solving problems, preventing the breakup of families. A plan of practical measures was developed.

Press Service of

UzLiDeP Kashkadarya

Regional Kengash


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