59 women from Namangan, living in difficult conditions were provided with housing in 2018

11.02.2019, 22:43

59 women from Namangan, living in difficult conditions were provided with housing in 2018

The Women’s Wing of UzLiDeP Namangan Regional Council conducted a dialogue on the issues of preventing family breakdown.

It was attended by members of the deputy group in the city Kengash of people’s deputies, party activists, representatives of the Women’s Committee, the female part of the population.

At the event, issues of protecting the rights and legitimate interests of women, increasing their socio-political activity, timely revealing their problems, providing socio-legal and material assistance to women in difficult social conditions were discussed.

“In 2018, about 300 women living in difficult social conditions were identified. 59 of them were provided with new homes, 212 received new wheelchairs. At the same time 24 women received timely medical assistance, 5 were sent to a sanatorium for rehabilitation. Most importantly, 24 women with disabilities are employed on the basis of home-based work”, – said deputy khokim of Namangan city, Chairman of the city women’s committee Nigora Abdullayeva.

At the event, reports were heard on ongoing activities for strengthening families, preventing the breakup of marriages, addressing issues related to marriage, taking care of children.


Press Secretary of

UzLiDeP Namangan

Regional Kengash

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