Fergana’s entrepreneur cannot wait for the decision of the khokim

16.02.2019, 10:09

Fergana’s entrepreneur cannot wait for the decision of the khokim

The richer the entrepreneur, the better the welfare of people. After all, the entrepreneur will direct his funds to expand his activities, thereby creating new jobs, improving landscaping of territories. He will direct all his efforts towards improving the wellbeing of the family and prosperity of the country.

That is why in recent years, systematic work has been carried out on actively attracting youth to engage in entrepreneurial activities, create necessary living conditions for the population, improve the business environment in the country. Various benefits and preferences are provided for citizens who want to start their own business.

Unfortunately, despite the ongoing large-scale work in this direction, there are still cases of artificially creating obstacles to future entrepreneurs who, as a result of this approach, are deprived of the opportunity to start their own business and lose hope and trust on the path.

Resident of Khurramobod village of Rishtan district Saida Matkasymova addressed on the same problem to UzLiDeP Fergana Regional Kengash.

As it became known, in 2018 she appealed to responsible authorities with the initiative to open a private preschool education institution in the remote village of Chungora. She is waiting for response almost for a year.

– There has been no preschool education institution in Chungora village for the past fifteen years. Now about 400 preschool children live there. Therefore, I have an idea to create a modern preschool education institution in the place of the old building of a rural medical center. I asked the khokimiyat, the department of preschool education at the district level and the regional khokimiyat for assistance, but never received an answer, – said S.Matkasimova.

On the same day, member of UzLiDeP deputy group T.Khaydarov sent a corresponding request to the district preschool education department. Moreover, he held a meeting with the deputy district khokim on the issues of development of industry, capital construction, communications and public utilities Sadikjon Khaydarov.

According to S.Khaydarov, the building of the RMC is really not in use and is in an emergency condition, but decision of the khokim is required for its demolition. The territory of the demolished building will then be put up for auction and the entrepreneur may take part in the auction.

We hope that very soon the appeal of the young entrepreneur S.Matkasimova will be satisfied and a modern preschool education institution will appear in a remote area.

UzLiDeP Press Service

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