A motorcade with 12 tons of food products headed to Muynak district with the assistance of UzLiDeP Jizzakh activists

16.02.2019, 10:08

A motorcade with 12 tons of food products headed to Muynak district with the assistance of UzLiDeP Jizzakh activists

Active work is carried out on improving the dried bottom of the Aral Sea in the territory of Muynak district of the Republic of Karakalpakstan and turning it into a wooded area.

A number of effective projects are being carried out in the country aimed at improving the ecological and socio-economic situation, living conditions of the population of the Aral Sea region, mitigating the effects of the Aral Sea disaster. This problem does not leave anyone indifferent in the country.

At the initiative of UzLiDeP Jizzakh regional Kengash and the regional Department for the Protection of Ecology and the Environment, activists of the party, entrepreneurs and farmers collected 12 tons of humanitarian aid – meat, fruits, vegetable oil, potatoes, rice, onions, carrots, as well as clean drinking water. The motorcade with humanitarian aid left in the direction of Muynak district of the Republic of Karakalpakstan.

– Campaign events on “We will contribute to improvement of the Aral Sea region”, implemented by the party together with partners, did not leave indifferent representatives of our electorate, – says Сhairman of UzLiDeP Jizzakh Regional Kengash Erkin Kholmatov. – Party activists have decided to provide practical and free assistance in eliminating the consequences of the Aral disaster, improving the wellbeing of the population living here. To this end, deputies and party activists set a goal to send agricultural products to those who are involved in planting saxaul and other vegetation that are resistant to severe salinity conditions.

There are representatives of culture and arts of the region in the ranks of the party activists who headed to the most western region of our country with this food product. They will present cultural programs for people attracted to voluntary public mutual aid.

                                                           Saida Umaraliyeva

Press Secretary of

UzLiDeP Jizzakh

Regional Kengash

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Абдуллаев Дилшодбек - O’zLiDeP Андижон туман Кенгаши аппарат рахбари2019-02-13 14:23:38

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Зохид Бобомуродов 2019-02-12 20:38:12

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