Deputy from Pakhtachi district built a library for youth

04.03.2019, 23:18

Deputy from Pakhtachi district built a library for youth

Since 2012, a resident of Pakhtachi district of Samarkand region Shavkat Mirzayev has been managing the “Mirzayev Shukhrat Kenjayevich” farm. He grows grain and cotton on 102 hectares of land.

Since 2015, the farm has become diversified – they are engaged in cattle breeding, poultry farming, beekeeping, and greenhouse. Over 20 jobs are created.

The farmer is a deputy of the local Kengash of people’s deputies from UzLiDeP party.

According to local residents, Sh.Mirzayev regularly provides material assistance to needy and socially unprotected families. Last year he built a library for youth at his own expense in the new youth park. It is planned to create here separate reading rooms for the electronic library, classical, scientific, fiction.

“The youth who have rich knowledge and broad outlook will turn Uzbekistan into one of the advanced countries of the world. Young people are our future. We need to teach them to read, increase knowledge. Reading a book feels intellectually stronger, smarter, more humane. We built this library for education of love for reading”, - noted Sh.Mirzayev.

Construction of the library is fully completed. It is planned to be commissioned in March this year.


Press Secretary of

UzLiDeP Samarkand

Regional Kengash

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Тошонов Яздон Каттақўрғон туман Кенгаши раисининг биринчи ўринбосари -аппарат раҳбари2019-02-28 08:26:34

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Холмурод Сориев, Халқ депутатлари Нуробод туман Кенгашидаги O'zLiDeP депутатлик гуруҳи раҳбари2019-02-24 08:28:07

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