UzLiDeP deputy from Chust district visited low-income families

04.03.2019, 23:18

UzLiDeP deputy from Chust district visited low-income families

Member of UzLiDeP deputy group in Chust district Kengash of people’s deputies Mukhtaramkhon Aripova visited low-income families who lost their breadwinner in Navruz and Istiqlol makhalla citizens’ gatherings in the city of Chust.

Three years ago, a resident of Istiqlol makhalla G.Khayitova was left alone with 2 children. Now she lives with her father-in-law and mother-in-law. Delighted by the visit of the deputy, she asked for help in obtaining a preferential mortgage loan. The deputy sent a request to the appropriate institution.

Nigora Sultanova lives in Buston makhalla, who became alone after the death of her mother. Besides she suffers from a serious illness. She needs help to restore health. After the visit of the deputy, the citizen received a free service for treatment.

A.Doliyev and B.Sharipova, living in one of the houses on Ipak Yuli Street want to divorce because of a small problem. It was not easy to save the family, to which the spouses lost common interests. After the intervention and long persuasions of aksakals and a deputy in the family, peace was restored.

Oftobkhon Khalkhujayeva, who lives in Navruz makhalla, raises two children alone.

“Seven years ago, my husband passed away, and I was left a widow. Makhalla constantly provides us with material and moral assistance. We try to effectively use the backyard. It serves to cover not only the need of the family, but there is also the opportunity to sell grown vegetables and fruits in the bazaar. Having saved up some money, we bought a cow recently”, says O.Khalkhujayeva.

During the visit, the deputy studied the living conditions of more than 30 families. Necessary measures have been taken on improving their social and living conditions, improving their well-being.


Press Secretary of

UzLiDeP Namangan

Regional Kengash

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