UzLiDeP activists resolved the appeal of a citizen addressed to khokim of Samarkand region

04.03.2019, 23:15

UzLiDeP activists resolved the appeal of a citizen addressed to khokim of Samarkand region

Khokim of Samarkand region E.Turdimov conducted an on-site reception of citizens in Chelak town of Payarik district. The event was attended by the heads of organizations and institutions of the region, heads of sectors of the district.

Appeals have been received regarding utilities, real estate, allocation of loans and land for business activity, employment, road repair.

Thus, a resident of Bunyodkor makhalla Erkin Esirgapov complained that it was impossible to walk along Chelaktepa Street on rainy and snowy days – ditches and numerous holes on the road were overflowing with water.

The regional khokim instructed the working group led by the head of the staff of Samarkand regional Kengash of UzLiDeP to study this issue. Members of the working group studied this issue on the spot – the citizen was right. There are practically no stalls on Chelaktepa Street, and the existing ones are overflowing with garbage.

“Without necessary equipment it is impossible to clean the trays and drainpipes, they are clogged. Therefore, I raised this issue at the level of the regional khokim”, says E.Esirgapov. According to him, the whole problem arose due to the fact that the residents of the makhalla, where about 2.5 thousand people live, conducted and are carrying out active construction work. Many ditches were buried or filled with debris.

To solve this problem special technology was involved. Pits were dug near households for installing trays, existing ones were cleaned. All the garbage was taken out on the special equipment of the State Unitary Enterprise “Toza khudud”.

“Having seen how the work on improvement of the street is carried out, the residents came out to participate in khashar. Brought gravel. Due to actions of the working group, all residents have united into a single team”, - says Olimjon Davronov, Chairman of Bunyodkor MCG.


Press Secretary of

UzLiDeP Samarkand

Regional Kengash

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