Deputies are satisfied with responsible persons’ reports of Chilanzar district

17.03.2019, 07:54

Deputies are satisfied with responsible persons’ reports of Chilanzar district

A regular meeting of UzLiDeP deputy group in Chilanzar district Kengash of people’s deputies was held.

At the event, information of the First Deputy Head of the State Tax Inspectorate of Chilanzar district Dilshod Usmanov was heard.

As it was noted, in 2018, the district’s budget revenues amounted to 807.8 billion UZS, which is 16.7 percent more compared to 2017.

According to Dilshod Usmanov, this year the number of enterprises paying VAT increased by 801 and amounted to 1020. The number of property and land tax payers also increased 8 times and amounted to 3534. In particular, the number of land tax payers increased from January 1 by 1192 and amounted to 1361.

“As of February 22, 2019, there are 75,311 objects under the jurisdiction of individuals, which is 41 more compared to the last year”, - the speaker said.

At the meeting, information from the Deputy khokim of Chilanzar district on issues of investment, innovation, assistance to privatized enterprises, development of free and small economic zones Khasan Shukuraliyev was also heard.

“11 direct investment projects for 2019-2020 have been developed for a total amount of 2.291 billion UZS. With successful implementation of these projects, investments in the amount of 271.7 million USD will be mastered. As a result, 1,135 new jobs will be created”, - said Z.Shukuraliyev.

According to the official, on the basis of the resolution of the President of July 19, 2018, implementation of 5 investment projects worth 714 billion UZS is planned in the region. Of these, 96.6 million USD is foreign direct investment.

Responsible persons of the district gave detailed answers to questions raised by the participants of the meeting.


Press Secretary of

Tashkent city

Kengash of UzLiDeP

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