Experienced farmer from Jizzakh transfers experience to young people

05.04.2019, 17:50

Experienced farmer from Jizzakh transfers experience to young people

Jizzakh regional Kengash of UzLiDeP in Kakhramon makhalla of Dustlik district held an indicative workshop on “Ways of efficient use of household plots”.

Participants got acquainted with the experience of working with families who effectively use their homestead land. Everyone was very interested, as a resident of this region, 85-year-old Sharofiddin ota gets a good profit from only 2 hectares of land.

As it became known, Sharofiddin ota, already in early spring, begins to grow tomato and cucumber saplings in the greenhouse. After selling the seedlings, he continues to plant other types of vegetables on vacated land and sells them. Thus, this site is effectively used all year round.

“We get crops twice a year from the greenhouse”, - says the entrepreneur. - “Until now, we mainly grew only tomato and cucumber saplings. Now we have expanded our activities, began to grow radishes and paprika”.

At the workshop, having received useful tips and recommendations from Sharofiddin ota, our participants began their business activities on the same day.

“Observing how the grandfather of 27 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren effectively uses his small greenhouse, we were very happy to see how one can use his plot. We think a lot about how one can earn money and improve his life, and we didn’t even think that one could use his personal plot for these purposes. Event participant Malokhat Egamova said – After the workshop, my opinion about my garden has changed completely. Now I will start my personal business!”


Press Secretary of Jizzakh

Regional Kengash of UzLiDeP

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