UzLiDeP activists established a modern intensive garden

22.04.2019, 17:23

UzLiDeP activists established a modern intensive garden

Workers of Namangan regional Kengash of UzLiDeP visited the intensive garden of the production cooperative “VALLEY FRUITS” in Naryn district.

It is worth noting that the garden, funded by the European Union, was founded in accordance with the project “Stable development of rural regions” of the international cooperation organization GIZ Germany. In accordance with the project, new varieties of apricots “Big Red”, “Orange Rubis”, “Faralya”, “Rubista”, “Fardao”, and “Springblash” were brought from Italy to plant on 5 hectares. At the same time, on 2 hectares, the stock of apricot seedlings of the varieties “MM 106”, “MM 111” and “Quince C” are multiplied using cloning technology.

At present, together with the project of a production cooperative, in order to harvest dried plums that meet the requirements of European markets and the certificates “Organic” and “GLOBAL GAP”, practical work is being carried out on importing the “Stanley” and “Empress” plums, the harvest of which will be dried in a pilot farm of a production cooperative.

– Until the autumn of this year, the project envisages installation in a production cooperative of modern drying equipment, – says Zukhriddin Khoshimov, the head of the cooperative, an activist of UzLiDeP. – The goal is to introduce modern apricot and plum cultivation technologies in Fergana Valley, to improve the process of drying these fruits. Several plum orchards were selected as pilot sites to enhance the export of fresh and dried apricots and plums and introduce international standard “Organic” in Yangikurgan district.


Press Secretary of Namangan

 Regional Kengash of UzLiDeP

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