The analysis of studying of the SIZ by UzLiDeP deputy group was discussed at the session of the regional Kengash of the party

18.04.2019, 18:06

The analysis of studying of the SIZ by UzLiDeP deputy group was discussed at the session of the regional Kengash of the party

Currently, it is not without reason that the Head of the state adopts decrees and resolutions aimed at socio-economic development of the regions, construction of industrial enterprises in remote cities and districts, provision of opportunities and benefits to entrepreneurs. The goal has been set – creating jobs for people living in remote areas and raising the standard of living of the population.

In order to ensure the execution of tasks outlined in the regulatory documents at places, the control and analytical activities of UzLiDeP deputy groups have been established. The reports of the heads of the official organizations on the work carried out are heard on a regular basis.

At the regular meeting of the deputy group of UzLiDeP in Samarkand regional Kengash of people’s deputies, the reports of officials on implementation of the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On measures for expanding small industrial zones in Samarkand region” were discussed from a critical point of view.

According to the results of the study, an area of ​​115.8 hectares was allocated for creation of 19 small industrial zones. On the territory of 17 small industrial zones it is planned to build 6 water facilities in the amount of 5.9 billion UZS, but so far the regional engineering company has not carried out the work in the proper amount. On the territory of 9 small industrial zones, it is planned to lay a gas pipeline with a length of 13.85 km in the amount of 3.05 billion UZS. But on these 9 territories, for some reason, a gas pipeline with a length of 14.35 km was laid, and problems were identified in installing the necessary 7 gas distribution boxes.

At the meeting, it was noted that during the study of the SIZ, deputy groups identified a number of other problems too. In particular, individual projects submitted by entrepreneurs to managers of SIZ remain unsatisfied, and the issue of importing new technologies and equipment is not being resolved. It was noted that during the creation of the SIZ, work on the installation of sewer networks, electricity, gas and water supply, and the laying of roads is not carried out in a timely manner.

Following the meeting, in order to eliminate the identified problems, appropriate decisions were taken on the agenda issues of the regular session of the regional Kengash. Control over the execution of the Resolution is entrusted to the standing commission of the regional kengash of deputies on the issues of formation and execution of the local budget, implementation of economic reforms and development of entrepreneurship.

A few days later, at the initiative of UzLiDeP deputy group, this issue was discussed at the regular session of Samarkand Regional Kengash of people’s deputies.

Tasks for their timely and complete solution were outlined on the issues discussed at the session.


Press Secretary of

Samarkand Regional

Kengash of UzLiDeP

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Тошонов Яздон Каттақўрғон туман Кенгаши раисининг биринчи ўринбосари аппарат раҳбари.2019-04-18 08:34:41

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