UzLiDeP deputies found unsatisfactory the report of the Deputy Head of Khorezm regional PEI office

30.04.2019, 18:57

UzLiDeP deputies found unsatisfactory the report of the Deputy Head of Khorezm regional PEI office

A joint meeting of UzLiDeP deputy group in Khorezm regional kengash of people’s deputies and the standing commission on the issues of formation and execution of the local budget, implementation of economic reforms and development of entrepreneurship of Khorezm regional kengash of people’s deputies took place.

At the meeting, the execution of tasks outlined in the Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On measures for further improvement of the system of preschool education in 2017-2021” was discussed.

Speakers at the meeting informed in detail about the work on further expanding the forms of public-private partnership in preschool education system, the procedure for issuing permits for the activities of family non-state preschool education institutions, preferential bank loans for organizing and developing activities of PEI, tax benefits, the amount of investment allocated for the development of the sphere.

- Last year, in the region, the number of children at the age of 3-7 was 145,345, of which 47,054 were covered by 309 state, 11 non-state, 1 preschool education institution operating on the basis of public-private partnership, - says Furqat Ruzmetov, head of Khorezm regional preschool education department. - Today, in the region, 50,500 children of preschool age are covered with 381 preschool education institutions. Regarding the past year, there are 20,800 children enrolled in 134 preschool education institutions. Until the end of this year, it is envisaged to additionaly cover more than 30 thousand children at the age 3-7 by preschool education institutions.

Representatives of the party’s deputy group expressed critical remarks about problems in the field, in particular, about barriers to obtaining land plots by businessmen, registering documents, and delaying loans.

Khorezm regional Kengash of people's deputies made appropriate decision and the execution of issues raised was taken over the deputy control.

Press Service of Khorezm

regional Kengash of UzLiDeP

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