UzLiDeP corner opens in Mingbulak Youth Co-Working Center

30.04.2019, 18:57

UzLiDeP corner opens in Mingbulak Youth Co-Working Center

Namangan Regional Kenhash of UzLiDeP in the Youth Co-Working Center of Mingbulak District organized a practical meeting on “The priority objectives of UzLiDeP for implementing the youth business ideas within the framework of Yoshlar-kelajagimiz (Youth is our future) State Program.

At the meeting with participation of activists of the “Youth Wing” of the party, the projects implemented by UzLiDeP on supporting and implementing the business ideas of young people were discussed.

For reference: Mingbulak district was one of the first districts where Youth co-working centers were established. To date, with the assistance of the center, a group of active young people have already implemented their entrepreneurial and business ideas.

- In 2018, 9 out of 12 young people included in the address list were given preferential loans by the district council of Yoshlar-kelajagimiz foundation, - says the chief specialist of the district council of the Foundation Mavlon Mamasobirov. - The project initiators have set up their own business with credit funds in the amount of 868 million soums. As a result, 46 jobs were created for young people.

The district branch of “Yoshlar-kelajagimiz” Foundation for 2019 plans to study 51 projects in the amount of 6 billion 479 million soums, currently the initiators of 7 projects have allocated loans in the amount of 1 billion 285 million soums to the initiators of 7 projects. On this basis, it is planned to create 297 new jobs.

At the event, participants became familiar with the activities of the Center. Following the event 10 people became members of the party and the work of the lower level of the party was established. In the Youth coworking center, a corner of UzLiDeP is organized.


Press Service of Namangan

Regional Kengash of UzLiDeP

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