Entrepreneur from Karshi district – participant of the regional stage of “Ishbilarmon ayol” competition

21.05.2019, 09:13

Entrepreneur from Karshi district – participant of the regional stage of “Ishbilarmon ayol” competition

Karshi district kengash of UzLiDeP held the district stage of “Ishbilarmon ayol” (Businesswoman) competition.

The competition was attended by 30 women who were active in establishing in the district of ​​national crafts, farming and local production, engaged in employment of the population.

– I am taking part in the competition for the second time, – said Munisa Ochilova, head of the private firm Gulshan. – In 2008, this company was organized by my mother Kunduz Karomova. Now I am in charge of an enterprise, we have 10 employees. My goal is to expand activities, so the opportunities offered at the competition are the exchange of experience with the best entrepreneurs, and the establishment of new contacts are invaluable. I am glad to become the winner of the competition. I believe that the work of workers of our company contributed to the achievement of this victory. Now we are preparing for decent participation in the regional stage of the competition.

Winners were defined at the review competition in a number of other nominations. They were awarded with diplomas of UzLiDeP, partner organizations and sets of books.

Seamstress Mokhigul Kiyomova also participated in the competition and said that she had gained an experience and outlined plans for the future.

- Mom taught me the sewing business, I started working with dressmaking for neighbors, - Mokhigul Kiyomova said. - Using the opportunities provided to entrepreneurs, three years ago I registered as a private entrepreneur. Now we have 4 workers, we sew clothes by order, and we also train twenty girls in sewing. In order to expand my activities, I am planning to receive a preferential bank loan of 200 million soums and open a special training center in which I will teach sewing elite curtains, embroidery and knitting.


Press Secretary of

Kashkadarya regional

Kengash of UzLiDeP

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