Samarkand will have 100 thousand UzLiDeP members

23.05.2019, 14:55

Samarkand will have 100 thousand UzLiDeP members

There are currently more than 90 thousand members of UzLiDeP in Samarkand. Primary party organizations make a significant contribution to the widespread propaganda of the program goals and tasks of the party, prepare for active participation in the upcoming elections to the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis and local Kengashes of people's deputies this year.

The party has set a goal – to increase the number of members of Samarkand regional Kengash to 100 thousand. Campaign is organized in the whole region for this.

Within the framework of the campaign, activists of the party organized an outreach event at the garment factory “Zarafshon textile Loyish-2” of Akdarya district. At the event, detailed information was presented on the goals and objectives of the party, conditions created in the country for development of entrepreneurship, as well as on loans and practical work carried out within the framework of the state programs “Every family entrepreneur”, “Youth is our future”.

The company employs 400 people and produces more than 30 types of clothing. More than 90 percent of products are exported. As a result of outreach activity, 100 employees of the enterprise were accepted into the ranks of party members.

Bakhtigul Karshiyeva,

Press Secretary of Samarkand

Regional Kengash of UzLiDeP

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Холмурод Сориев, Халқ депутатлари Нуробод туман Кенгашидаги O'zLiDeP депутатлик гуруҳи раҳбари2019-05-20 19:36:14

Партия аъзолари сонинг ошиши партиямиз ғоя ва мақсадларининг кенг халқ оммаси ичига янада кенгроқ кириб бориши, пировардида партиямизнинг жамият ва давлат бошқарувида роли ва ўрнинг ортишига сабаб бўлади деб ўйлайман.