Master class from an experienced farmer from Mirzaabad

27.05.2019, 11:30

Master class from an experienced farmer from Mirzaabad

Syrdarya regional kengash of UzLiDeP organized a master class at “Mahmud qizi Maftuna” farm of Mirzaabad district. It was attended by 20 young people who want to engage in business and are interested in farming.

The head of the farm Maftuna Mamajonova told about her work experience, the process of planting, irrigation and fertilizing plants.

Maftuna gave information about the organization of her business. First, in the remote territory of Mirzaabad district – took 2 hectares of land in the farm «Mirzo Ulugbek». There was no water. Without water it is impossible to engage in agriculture. Installed 3 pumps on the flowing channel. With the help of family members, she applied mineral fertilizers to the fields. However, in the first year the work did not give a positive result.

“We bought a car from the income of keeping goats, greenhouses and sewing workshops. They say if you love the land, it will repay the good. So we have not given her love yet. With these thoughts, we again took up the work. Plowed, fertilized the soil, but did not have time to sow. Heavy spring rains prevented. But we also solved this problem. On 1 hectare, 660 pomegranate seedlings were planted, and the best grapes were planted along the edges,” – said the young farmer.

It should be noted that the farmer-girl rationally uses every inch of land. Young trees already have five or six fruits each. Cucumbers and tomatoes are blooming. On 2 hectares, a skilled farmer also grows clover, bell pepper, eggplants, mung, and beans.

The farmer notes that with increasing workload, the need for labor increases. In this regard, Maftuna intends to call nephews working in Russia. Members of the whole family and relatives help her to take care of the plantings.


Head of Department of

Syrdarya Regional

Kengash of UzLiDeP

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