Problems are eliminated

29.05.2019, 14:37

Problems are eliminated

As an entrepreneur who has been engaged in business for a quarter of a century, I can say that the decree of the President “On measures for fundamentally improving the system of supporting and protection of entrepreneurial activity” is another practical contribution to the country’s economy.

It is no secret that a person engaged in business encounters various manifestations of bureaucracy in the course of his activities. Many of my friends who started a business with me, because of many bureaucratic obstacles, were forced to cease their activities. The entrepreneur should work tirelessly, think about the implementation of new projects.

Now, if an entrepreneur faces a manifestation of bureaucracy and other problems, he will not upholster the thresholds of various agencies, but will turn to the reception office to consider appeals from entrepreneurs. By participating in meetings and workshops organized by the reception center, it will be possible to conduct a dialogue with foreign businessmen on the issues of modernization of activities. The good news was that now the analysis of consideration of appeals of entrepreneurs will be held quarterly at meetings of the council of people's deputies. Frankly speaking, I, as a deputy, cannot remember that over the past period of the year at least one problem of entrepreneurs was considered at sessions of local kengashes.

Creating a unified system for addressing the problems of entrepreneurs, of course, will speed up their timely study, analysis and solution. Such an effective mechanism for coordinating the tasks of the state governing bodies will facilitate the use of the entrepreneur’s time for business development. On the way to formation of an attractive business environment, it is very important to take control over the activities of promoting free operation of entrepreneurs, identifying and resolving their legal requirements.

The activity of our society is focused on preparation of tomato paste, pickled cabbage, tomatoes and cucumbers. From year to year, species and product quality increases. To improve modern production, we studied the experience of a number of foreign countries. We are currently preparing for the export of products. Today we have the opportunity to store apple products in refrigerators and export them to the market at any time of the year. We have 160 hectares of grape plantations and 10 hectares of apple orchards.

Our future plans are the implementation of projects for production of building materials and plastic containers for the transport of grapes and apples. This will create 25 new jobs.


Head of “Sevaz-Androniks”

JSC of Kitab district, deputy

of Kashkadarya regional

Kengash of people's deputies

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