41 PPO are established in Namangan in two months

19.06.2019, 16:30

41 PPO are established in Namangan in two months

Namangan regional Kengash of UzLiDeP held reporting and election meetings on March 15 ― June 1, 2019 in all PPO.

At meetings, members of the party analyzed the work carried out during the year, talked about the need for positively solving problems, increasing the efficiency of the PPO, creating conditions for their full activities at the level of the requirements of the time.

In addition to reports at meetings, issues on the agenda, such as the election of members of kengashes of party organizations, the chairman of the PPO and his deputies, approval of the future work plan of the PPO, admission to the party members were also considered.

Meetings, outlining new tasks of primary party organizations, were especially actively held in the primary party organizations at «Bog'» enterprise, «Ideal Tekstil-Orzu» of the city of Namangan, LLC «BIRUZA GROUP», Namangan regional children's multidisciplinary medical center, CAM «Pansada» and PE «Dilfuza Ulugbayeva» of Chust district, enterprises «Tomorqa yer egalari va fermerlar Kengashi» and «Norin tuman yer tuzish va kuchmas mulk kadastr khizmati» of Naryn district.

«Out of 35,908 members of the party, 27,960 people took part in the meetings, which accounted for 78% of the total number of party members», said the Acting Head of the Office of the regional Kengash of UzLiDeP Abdulakhad Alimbayev. «In the course of the campaign of report and election meetings, the activity of the PPO was studied in detail and 41 new primary organizations were created. The work of 740 PPO chairmen was found to be satisfactory, they were again elected to these positions».

The 200 PPO chairpersons who failed to fulfill the intended tasks and did not take the initiative were dismissed from their posts, demanding and responsible leaders were elected chairmen of the PPO.

Deputies of local councils took part in more than 400 reporting and election meetings. Following the meetings, the number of primary organizations of the party was 978. The activity of 92 lower units of the party was restored. Kengashes were formed in 6 PPO with the number of members of more than 30 people.

New chairmen of the PPO party members pointed out the need for widespread promotion of party ideas among people, support for entrepreneurs and farmers, assist socially needy and low-income families, veterans, single people and retirees, strengthen the spiritual and educational knowledge of young people, promote youth employment and active involvement party members when conducting this work.


Team leader for working with PPO of

Namangan regional Kengash of UzLiDeP

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