Deputies' assistance to women's employment

19.06.2019, 16:32

Deputies' assistance to women's employment

An on-site reception of the deputy of the district Kengash of people's deputies Zebiniso Karimova was held in “Amudaryo” makhalla of Khozarasp district.

The reception was attended by the chairmen and activists of the district enterprises of power grids, the center for employment assistance, CAM “Amudaryo”.

At the meeting, the representative of people made a report on the work on solving problems of the population, implementation of deputy inquiries sent to relevant organizations.

Such problems of the population as lack of pre-school education institutions in the territory, issues of providing drinking water to the population, repairing streets and installing night-time lighting, employment were discussed at the on-site reception.

The main part of problems with the assistance of the deputy and officials are solved on the spot.

Residents of “Amudaryo” makhalla appealed with employment issue. Deputy Z. Karimova and inspector of the district center for employment support D. Anyazova provided employment for Nasib Ruzimov, Makhbub Kuchkarov and Nigora Saidkhasanova for community work in the district department for landscaping.

«I did not work for many years. I was engaged in raising children. Many organizations to which I applied did not employ me because I do not have a diploma. Today I am grateful to deputies. They helped me to get a job in the department of improvement. Salary suits me», said citizen Makhbuba Kuchkarova.

5 women from the makhalla who wish to be engaged in feed livestock cannot receive a preferential loan under the State Program «Every family entrepreneur». Deputies solved this problem positively. With the assistance of the deputy, within 2 days, the women issued and handed over the documents to Khozarasp branch of Agrobank JSCB and Nasiba Ruzimova, Mukhayyo Rakhimova, Dilfuza Kurbonova, Rokhila Ayitboyeva and purchased cattle.

A resident of “Amudaryo” makhalla Ruzimova Nasiba appealed for malfunction of power lines in 206 houses on Farovon Street and the need for installation of new transformer and poles in the makhalla, replacement of wires. On this issue, deputy Zebiniso Karimova sent a deputy request to relevant organizations. The remaining appeals are taken under the control of the deputy and responsible persons.

It is worth noting that representative of people Zebiniso Karimova, thanks to her initiative activities, was elected UzLiDeP deputy from District 1-Toshsoka at the elections of deputies of local Kengashes in January this year.

Nilufar Jabbarova,

Press Decretary of Khorezm

Regional Kengash of UzLiDeP

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