UzLiDeP activists in Termez district visited paper processing plant

28.06.2019, 12:12

UzLiDeP activists in Termez district visited paper processing plant

Members of the working group consisting of the head of the executive committee of the political council of UzLiDeP J.Rakhmonova, representatives, deputies and activists of Syrdarya regional Kengash of the party organize meetings to study problems of the population, activities of entrepreneurs and farmers – the party’s electorate. On June 19, members of the party group got familiar with activities of “Surkhon qog’oz qayta ishlash” LLC in Termez district.

The company is located on the territory of the district of “Nurafshon” makhalla, operating since 2018. The company with an annual processing capacity of 3,240 tons of paper employs 55 people.

— By recycling paper, when dividing into varieties, we produce flakes and rolled cardboard, — says the head of LLC Rustam Nematillayev. — Production of paper cones for textile industry has been launched from rolled cardboard. At the same time, taking into account the needs of the population of the region, we produce various boxes. We signed an agreement worth 625 thousand US dollars with the Chinese company “Xinjang Yu Heng Trading Co Ltd” in order to improve the activities of the enterprise.

Then representatives of the working group visited “Norkhamid bobo” farm in the citizens assembly of “Yangi hayot” makhalla of Termez district. According to the farm chairman Nurmuhammad Norkhamidov, a fish farm has been established on 56 hectares. For this, Chinese equipment worth 250 million USD has been used. With this equipment, up to 150 tons of fish products are harvested. The farm employs 20 people.

Representatives of the working group visit the homes of the population, explain the meaning of the state program “Every family entrepreneur”, the goals and objectives of the party.

            Press Service of Surkhandarya

Regional Kengash of UzLiDeP

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