UzLiDeP activists become winners of Tashabbus 2019 competition

01.07.2019, 10:41

UzLiDeP activists become winners of Tashabbus 2019 competition

Head of Export Fish Product LLC in Karmana district of Navoi region Obidjon Saidov took the 1st place in the nomination “The best young entrepreneur” of the Republican competition “Tashabbus 2019”.

Export Fish Product LLC, which began operating in December 2018 on the basis of a project worth 15 billion soums, has now established small fish farms in 600 houses and has established an intensive method of feeding fish. Thus, more than 1,000 residents of Karmana are provided with jobs.

Currently, the company has built indoor water basins, a cold storage with a capacity of 500 tons, as well as sayilgoh and a catering center where you can try fish caught here and cooked in place, which have become the favorite resting place of the region’s population. At the enterprise, where 500 tons of fish are harvested per year and up to 100 million fry are kept, the fish is processed on the basis of the cluster method and fish meal, fish oil, fillets, canned food, meatballs, semi-finished products, and smoked fish are harvested. At the same time, the planned export of 600 tons of products has begun.

“We are pleased that our project for development of fish farming as Navoi experience is being implemented throughout the country. I was inspired by the success at Tashabbus 2019 competition, and the President’s present, the Spark car”, said O. Saidov, “The best entrepreneur of the year” at Tashabbus 2019 competition.

Being engaged in entrepreneurship, he does not break ties with the party, based on his own experience, teaches young people who want to engage in fish farming, the technology of this type of activity. He continues to work on expanding the ranks of members of the PPO and ensuring their active participation in the political process.

 Press Service of

Navoi regional Kengash

of UzLiDeP

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