Appeals received by UzLiDeP are resolved positively

18.07.2019, 15:15

Appeals received by UzLiDeP are resolved positively

Now there is water in the family polyclinic No.9 of Navbakhor district!

Water is food for the cells of the human body. It is water that makes up most of every organ. Therefore, a human must consume water not only with a feeling of thirst, but constantly. And what if there is no drinking water? ...

Navoi regional Kengash of UzLiDeP received an appeal from Nargiza Kosimova, a nurse at the family polyclinic No. 9 of the medical association of Navbakhor district.

In the appeal it is noted that there was no water in the medical institution because of malfunctioning of the water pump.

In order to study the problem, deputies of the regional kengash of the party and the local kengash left for Navbakhor district. During the visit, the appeal of N. Kosimova was studied and measures were taken to solve the problem. After some time, experts began to work. Is problem solved? Yes, it is solved. Are there objections of citizens? No.

On the same day, representatives of the party visited rural family clinics No. 8, 10, 11 in the district and got acquainted with the conditions created in them.

Press Service of Navoi regional

Kengash of UzLiDeP

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