Eight jobs are created at the expense of a bank loan

25.07.2019, 09:43

Eight jobs are created at the expense of a bank loan

Guljakhon Karshiboyeva from Mirzachul, who graduated this year from the vocational college, created 8 jobs at the expense of a bank loan at the amount of 25 million soums.

Guljakhon is the youngest daughter in the family, when she was born, her father dreamed that she became a seamstress. From her childhood, her father had told her about his dream, and the girl was no longer thinking about another profession...

In recent years, great attention in Uzbekistan has been paid to development of family entrepreneurship, provision of benefits to citizens engaged in entrepreneurship. Families are expanding, with financial support of banks starting their business and contributing to the family budget and makhallas improvement. A young entrepreneur, Guljakhon Karshiboyeva, started her business.

During her school years, she studied sewing from her aunt Anorkhol, and during her college years in her free time, she went to the city of Gulistan to seamstresses Dilorom Boynazova and Guzal Gibayeva. She started her business with sewing children’s clothes, which she sold on the domestic market. Then she decided to develop a business.

Guljakhon set a goal to set up a sewing business in her village, at the citizens’ assembly of Mirzachul makhalla, and for this, under the program “Every family entrepreneur”, she received a loan at the amount of 25 million soums in the district branch of Agrobank. With these funds, she purchased 3 modern sewing machines, a cutting table, fabrics, a wardrobe for fabrics and other necessary supplies. Provided work to 4 fellow villagers. 4 more girls were attracted for training.

“This year, in Mirzaabad Professional College of Construction, Housing and Public Utilities, I have graduated from the department of a technologist for production of garments and knitwear. Our district is located far from the regional center and therefore development of this sphere in our village will give a positive result. At present, we are fulfilling private orders from fellow villagers. We sew casual clothes, holiday clothes, clothes for children. There are more and more customers”, said UzLiDeP activist Guljakhon Karshiboyeva

In our country there are many people, who are increasing the income of their families through business. Someone is engaged in sewing business, other poultry farming and the supply of high-quality dietary meat to the population. Someone else is building a greenhouse.

It is significant that the funds provided by banks help each family to organize entrepreneurship and have a stable source of income.

Dilorom ESONOVA,

Press Secretary of Syrdarya

Regional Council of UzLiDeP

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