President’s trips to the regions are the beginning of new transformations

01.08.2019, 10:47

President’s trips to the regions are the beginning of new transformations

Visits of the Head of the state to the regions always serve as the beginning of big positive changes. Residents of Syrdarya region note with satisfaction that as a result of such trips, large projects are being introduced to improve the wellbeing of people, develop the economy, enrich cultural and enlightenment life, change the appearance of cities and villages.

In order to familiarize with the course of creative work and socio-economic reforms, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited Khavast district of Syrdarya region on July 18.

More than 27 thousand people currently live in Khavast village. In the last fifty years, not a single multi-storey building was built in the village. The population lived in dilapidated, damp houses. By the order of the President, construction of 30 multi-storey houses for 760 apartments and 150 one-storey houses began in a special area. Of course, new housing with modern infrastructure will help to improve the social conditions of the population and improve the living standards of people.

At the same time, active construction of buildings for local authorities and administration, a center for public services, commercial banks, a culture park, a school, a memory square, a cinema, a library, a mosque, a market for trade and service points, is being held.

The President paid special attention to the issue of creating new jobs. He noted that compatriots who move to new homes should have a permanent source of income, and for this it is necessary to establish activities of small and medium-sized business.

By the beginning of 2020, it is planned to provide the population of the region with drinking water of more than 88 percent, to create thousands of new jobs through development of poultry farming, gardening, vegetable growing and cultivation of melons and gourds.

Within the framework of the visit, the Head of the state visited “Sakhovat” farm of our enterprise “Bek Cluster”, and asked how the cotton is developing. 150 hectares of farm fields are effectively used. Cotton, grain and livestock feed are grown on these lands. 65 hectares of grain were collected from each hectare and received more than 314 million soums of net profit. Export-oriented leguminous crops were planted on the released areas and agreements were signed on the supply of 30 tons of bean products to exporting enterprises. However, cotton is grown on 50 hectares on the basis of agrotechnical requirements.

“What is the general purpose of cultivating the land? Receive the income! The increase in income is primarily provided by an increase in yield. Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that at least five boxes are added to each bush before the harvest season begins, and that there were five centners more yield per hectare”, the President said during the conversation. This attention and trust has gave us strength and desire for active work. And we try to justify this trust.

A meeting with the heads of districts and sectors, farmers and entrepreneurs of the region, representatives of the older generation was also held here. They spoke about the ongoing work on development of agriculture and small business, strengthening health of the population, and preventing crime.

Once again, we felt with our hearts that the Head of the state’s trips to the regions always serve as the beginning of great positive changes. Syrdarya residents are satisfied with practical implementation of such ideas as the implementation of large projects that serve to improve the welfare of people, develop the economy, enrich cultural and educational life, change the appearance of cities and villages.


Chairman of Syrdarya Regional Kengash of UzLiDeP,

Director General of “Bek Cluster” joint venture

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