Deputy khokim of Baysun district delivers report for UzLiDeP deputies

23.08.2019, 14:25

Deputy khokim of Baysun district delivers report for UzLiDeP deputies

Deputy khokim of Baysun district on agricultural issues, Kh. Sherkobilov, made a report to UzLiDeP deputy group of Baysun district kengash on the status of the level of processing agricultural raw materials at the enterprises of the district.

There are 413 farms in Baysun district. What is the state of yield and export issues at these farms?

– As of January 1, 2019, the district’s sown lands amounted to 15 361 hectares, grasslands and pastures – 139 302, forest lands – 64 686, orchards – 650.2, vineyards – 429.2 hectares, – said Kh. Sherkobilov. – For the 2019 harvest, 408 hectares are sown with spiked crops, rainfed areas of 1711 hectares are planted with wheat. 165 hectares of 408 hectares liberated from wheat are sown with repeated crops.

From 650 hectares of orchards it is planned to get a crop of 7.8 thousand tons, from 429.1 hectares of grape plantations – 2.14 thousand tons of crops. To date, exported agricultural products in the amount of 52.3 thousand US dollars, of which 387.3 tons are fruits and vegetables, 1.5 tons – honey.

During the hearing, the deputy of the district kengash P.Oripov said that the wool obtained from goats and sheep is simply thrown away, and noted the appropriateness of purchasing foreign technologies and creating a wool processing enterprise.

It was decided to develop appropriate measures in relation to opinions, discussions and suggestions expressed on the agenda.

Press Service of Surkhandarya

regional Kengash of UzLiDeP

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