UzLiDeP’s proposals are reflected in the President’s decree

04.09.2019, 15:53

UzLiDeP’s proposals are reflected in the President’s decree

The Executive Committee of UzLiDeP’s Political Council, in cooperation with the Ministry of Employment and Labor Relations of the Republic of Uzbekistan, organized a roundtable discussion for discussing the essence and significance of the decree “On measures for further strengthening guarantees for the protection of citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan who are engaged in temporary labor abroad, and their family members” signed by the President on August 20, 2019, and the tasks outlined in the decree.

At the event, it was noted that this decree was adopted on the basis of practical proposals of UzLiDeP. Based on these proposals, the decree outlines specific tasks for the organized employment of citizens abroad, strengthening the mechanisms for protecting their rights, and social support for people and members of their families returning from labor migration.

Registration and issuance of the minimum package of documents requested for labor migrants for a period of one year (passport, application, request of the labor authority) was approved without guarantee for one banking day. A system of issuing microloans in the amount of 2 million UZS for expenses related to employment abroad is being introduced. At the same time, a procedure will be developed by insurance companies for providing a lump-sum subsidy to cover the amount of the insurance premium for life and health insurance of citizens and other risks during the period of temporary work abroad, once a year in the amount of 50 thousand UZS for each insured labor migrant. In 2020, it is also planned to allocate 3,462 apartments in multi-apartment buildings to labor migrants in need of better housing conditions. The proposals developed by the party are reflected in the decree.

At the same time, the decree indicates that now labor migrants who have found themselves in a difficult situation abroad and need help remotely can apply for help using the “Labor – migration” software package in a single national labor system.

In addition, according to the document, citizens who have expressed a desire to go abroad for conducting temporary labor activities will be provided online information on the rules of stay, working conditions, social and housing support in the country of employment, legal aspects of concluding labor contracts with foreign employers, as well as financial support measures prescribed by the legislation.

The decree provides support for the legitimate activities of labor migrants. It also contributes to development of mechanisms for practical implementation of the basic principles for protecting the rights of labor migrants.

At the roundtable discussion, specific tasks were outlined on bringing to the population, especially to young people wishing to work abroad, of the information that in accordance with this important decree of the Head of the state, every citizen of Uzbekistan is protected, that is, no matter in what country and in what conditions a citizen works, his rights are protected by the state.

 UzLiDeP Press Service

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