New Uzbekistan with an efficient service economy

27.11.2019, 17:46

 New Uzbekistan with an efficient service economy

UzLiDeP is a supporter of ensuring employment and welfare of the population by increasing the share of services in GDP.

In the World Happiness Index, prepared by the UN, Uzbekistan took the 41st place among 156 states (in 2018 – 44th, in 2017 – 47th). It is known that the factors of a person’s happy life are good living conditions, a stable income, the ability to use medical services, the right to education, the availability of information, travel services, etc. And all this is connected with the development of services in the economy.

A vivid example. In the countries included in the top ten on the “Happiness Index” (Finland, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, New Zealand, Canada, Austria), the share of the service sector in GDP is 55-80 percent. In Uzbekistan, this figure is 35.6 percent. So, the definition of the issue of development of the service sector as a priority is logically justified.

According to statistics, in 2018, in Uzbekistan, transport services amounted to 29.3 percent in the service sector, trade services – 26.3 percent, financial services –14.1 percent, communication and information services – 6.8 percent and prevailed regarding services in other directions. Services for life and food amounted to 3.1 percent, related to real estate – 3.3 percent, educational services – 3.6 percent, private services – 2.5 percent, rental services – 2.2 percent, services in the field of architecture – 2 percent, but at the same time the level of medical and other services is rather low.

Although the share of transport in the general services sector is large, there are questions about their quality and cost. At the same time, difficulties in issuing permits for activities in this area cause an increase in the number of persons engaged in illegal activities in this area.

There are similar problems in the field of trade, and therefore the quality of trade services also does not meet the requirements. Only a few entrepreneurs pay attention to the culture of trade and marketing approach. In the banking and financial sector, a high level of refinancing rates, high cost and shortage of credit resources in banks should be noted. In the field of communications and informatization, in comparison with neighboring states, one cannot positively assess the speed, cost and coverage of the Internet. Many problems in other areas can be listed.

In this regard, in order to develop the sphere and ensure a happy and comfortable life for people, UzLiDeP includes on its agenda the issue of developing and implementing a Service Sector Development Strategy in the country for 2020-2025.

This policy document provides:

 the first is simplification and creation of a form of permits convenient for entrepreneurs related to the organization of the service sector entities and conduction of business through their critical consideration;

 the second is to accelerate the transition to a digital economy and increase financial resources in the economy by expanding communication and information services and financial services;

 the third is development of the “art of trading” through the introduction of new technologies into the sphere;

 the fourth is a sharp expansion in the economy of types of services, the development of a convenient system for studying and introducing international experience in stimulating the production of new products.

Implementation of these tasks will primarily contribute to ensuring employment of the population, increasing the income.

 The main goal of our party is to ensure a happy life for every compatriot through the broad development of entrepreneurship in the country.


Deputy Head of the Main Department

of Economics and Industry

of Kashkadarya region

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