A new makhalla system, based on the principle “Comfortable and Safe Makhalla” to be formed

05.03.2020, 14:49

 A new makhalla system, based on the principle “Comfortable and Safe Makhalla” to be formed

Currently, the country pays great attention to the issues of ensuring peace, raising the work with families and women to a qualitatively new level, increasing the social activity of older people, strengthening the role and status of civil society institutions in transforming the makhalla into a crime-free territory.

The decree of the President on improving the social and spiritual environment in society, further supporting the makhalla institute and raising the system of work with families and women to a qualitatively new level serves as an important program document in work to improve the makhalla system.

According to the decree, the organization of the Ministry of the Republic of Uzbekistan to support the makhalla and family and its Karakalpak, regional, Tashkent city and district (city) branches is planned.

In accordance with the decree, a new system will be introduced in each makhalla, based on the principle of “Comfortable and safe makhalla”. The main task and areas of activity of the ministry are determined to promote the full and effective practical implementation of this principle, to establish close cooperation with civil society institutions in improving the social and spiritual atmosphere in families and makhallas.

In this case, the main attention will be paid, first of all, to the implementation of a unified state policy aimed at implementing the idea of ​​a “Healthy family – a healthy society”, organizing targeted assistance to troubled families, supporting and protecting the rights and interests of women, and providing social, legal, psychological and material assistance to women who need support and find themselves in a difficult life situation.

Also, priority tasks are determined by ensuring employment and improving working conditions for women, attracting women, especially girls from rural areas, to family and private entrepreneurship, and handicraft.

Scheduled tasks place great responsibility on the party and its local links.

Members of the party faction will take an active part and conduct parliamentary control in ensuring full implementation of programs “Every Family Entrepreneur”, “Youth is Our Future” and “Handicraft”.

This document approved the proposal of the chambers of the Oliy Majlis and a number of ministries to declare March 22 “Day of Makhalla Workers”. In these, the country’s parliament is developing a draft law “On determination of the Day of makhalla workers”.

The adoption of this law provides for drawing the attention of the general public to the activities of the makhalla institute and workers of the makhalla system, strengthening their authority and status in society.

 Barnokhon Mirzamova,

Deputy of the Legislative

Chamber of the Oliy Majlis,

Member of UzLiDeP faction

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