Don’t worry, there will be no shortage in food products

10.04.2020, 11:18

Don’t worry, there will be no shortage in food products

In connection with the coronavirus pandemic, a quarantine regime has been declared in Uzbekistan. Certain restrictions have been established in order to protect citizens’ health. Only pharmacies, hospitals, enterprises for production of basic goods, markets, grocery stores are working as usual. Prices are controlled. Khokims, deputies, specialists from tax and other agencies held talks with entrepreneurs and traders, explained the inadmissibility of unreasonably high prices, dissemination of incorrect information, causing panic among the population.

Articles are regularly published in the media about the availability of sufficient food reserves in the country, constant provision of markets and outlets with basic necessities – meat, potatoes, flour, oils and other types of goods.

Despite this, incorrect information was spread on social networks about a possible shortage of potatoes, onions, carrots, which can cause an increase in prices for many types of products.

Some of our “journalist friends” managed to upload pictures of crowded queue for potatoes, causing panic among the population.

In fact, the situation is not as complicated as it is interpreted. Economists explain the demand for products as a result of the desire to create stocks in order not go outside during quarantine.

Based on the current situation, UzLiDeP deputies studied the prices for potatoes in stores and in the markets of their districts without violating the quarantine rules. For example, the price for 1 kg of potatoes:

At Nukus dehkan market of the Republic of Karakalpakstan – 3.5-5 thousand UZS;

At Eski Shahar dehkan market of Andijan region – 4-5 thousand UZS;

At dehkan market of the city of Samarkand – 3.5-5 thousand UZS;

At Altiarik dehkan market in Fergana region – 3.5-4 thousand UZS;

At Mirabod dehkan market of Tashkent city – 2800 UZS.

According to deputies, prices for potatoes from the harvest of the last year will decrease day by day. Potatoes of a new crop are already on sale at places. A reserve of a new crop is also being created. And so there is no reason to panic.

Food provision of the population is an important strategic task of the state. Ensuring the execution of this task is strictly controlled. And therefore, let’s not worry, remain calm. To overcome the misfortune that has come to us, first of all, we need to unite and act with a feeling of endurance inherent in our people.

 Sayyora Asranova,

UzLiDeP Press Officer

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