At one meeting, six problems were solved

16.01.2018, 18:35

At one meeting, six problems were solved

In order to hold a dialogue with the people, to fully protect human interests, and to solve the problems worrying the population in a timely manner, local deputies conduct regular meetings on the basis of the program, goals and objectives of the party in each district and remote regions.

One of these meetings was held by the deputy of UzLiDeP G.Matmuratova in the mahallas "Boglar" and "Uzukka kosh" of the Khazorasp district. It was attended by workers of the regional and district councils of UzLiDeP, the head of the «Khazorasptumangaz» H.Ruzmetov, the deputy director of the regional electric grid enterprise O.Boltaev, the head of the department for improvement O.Ruzmetov, the employee of the regional road maintenance company Sh.Turdiyev, residents of the mahallas.

Over 20 problems and issues were raised during the meeting. In particular, Kodirov Nazarboy-aka reported that their makhalla is located on the side of a large road and there is no pedestrian crossing on it, which creates a problem for schoolchildren when attending school. Employee of the regional road maintenance company Sh. Turdiev will solve this problem.

– I am engaged in agriculture on my own plot of land, - says a resident K.Khujaniyozov. - Because of the lack of wastewater, we cannot get a good harvest. G. Matmuratova took this problem under his control and will send a deputy request to the relevant organizations.

During the meeting, B. Aminov, D. Iskandarovа, S. Iskandarovа, S. Jumaniyozova, R. Khudayorova and D. Tokhirov asked for help to find a job. Sadokat and Dildora Iskandarovа were hired at the sewing workshop in their makhalla.

The event also discussed problems related to disruptions in electricity and gas supply, shortage of coal. Six problems were solved on the spot. The rest are taken under deputy control.

N. Jabbarova 

Press-secretary of the Press-service of

Khorezm regional council of UzLiDeP

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