Khorezm regional branch of JSC «GM Uzbekistan» is recognized as the best factory

06.11.2017, 17:12

Khorezm regional branch of JSC «GM Uzbekistan» is recognized as the best factory

The Khorezm regional branch of JSC "GM Uzbekistan" was organized in accordance with the resolution of the President of our country of November 22, 2012. At present, more than 1700 workers and employees are working in the factory. It is gratifying that about 1000 of them have joined together in the ranks of UzLiDeP.

It should be noted that the deputy of the Khorezm regional and Hazorasp district Kengashes of people's deputies, member of the UzLiDeP deputy group, and the head of the enterprise S.Jumaniyozov pays special attention to increasing the political knowledge of members of the lower ranks, and increasing their legal culture. To this end, about ten round-table discussions, seminars-trainings and open dialogues have been organized.

As a result of the effective operation of our supporters, GMIO (General Motor International Organization) was named the best GM factory by the results of 9 months.

– In a short time, our enterprise achieved such high results that it became a worthy incentive for fruitful work of every worker and employee of our factory said S. Jumaniyozov. – This will create the foundation for the further development of the factory operations and the economic growth of our oasis. Such tasks place an even greater responsibility on us.


of the Khorezm Regional Council of UzLiDeP

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