Will Karlikbogot makhalla of Karshi city be provided with drinking water until 2022?

14.07.2020, 15:48

Will Karlikbogot makhalla of Karshi city be provided with drinking water until 2022?

The hottest days of summer have come, and there is no drinking water on the streets of Posbonlar, Imom Bukhoriy, Uzun Zovur, Elbek, Bahor, Khujaobod, Langar, Quyibogot, Odina Machit, Ulugbek Yulduzi and Jaloliddin Manguberdi of the village “Karlikbogot” of Karshi city. For a long time, water does not flow through water pipes. Residents have to carry water from other territories.

According to Normurod Tursunov, a resident of house No. 37 on Posbonlar Street and his daughter-in-law Nigora Ruzimurodova, residents have to dig pools in the yards due to lack of water. To fill the pool with a capacity of 5.5-6 tons, it is necessary to buy water on average for 75-80 thousand UZS. There is no pool in the yard of Normurod Tursunov, so they buy water from a water carrier in buckets and containers with a capacity of 50-60 liters. 800 liters of water costs 30 thousand UZS. But it is not enough even for one week.

“We have problems with drinking water”, said Kunduz Bobonazarova, Chairperson of the citizens’ assembly of Karlikbogot makhalla in the city of Karshi. “Because water is sometimes supplied to the water supply network, this is not enough for the needs of the population. And on 10 streets, water is not supplied at all. We have repeatedly contacted the relevant institutions. But this issue remains unresolved. As they explained to us, our makhalla is included in the program “Obod makhalla” (Prosperous neighborhood) of 2022. And the water supply system will be repaired during the execution of this program”.

So, will residents of the makhalla until 2022 carry water or officials of the relevant institutions will take measures to solve the problem? Today this problem is controlled by deputies of Karshi city council of UzLiDeP, a deputy request has been sent to the relevant authorities.

Fakhriddin BOZOROV,

Press Secretary of Kashkadarya

Regional Council of UzLiDeP

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