The chain of the pandemic will not be interrupted if we, as one, do not comply with the quarantine rules

24.07.2020, 14:02

The chain of the pandemic will not be interrupted if we, as one, do not comply with the quarantine rules

The pandemic continues to cause alarm around the world. There is no vaccine yet for this virus. In our country, the number of people infected with this virus is increasing, and therefore quarantine requirements are increasing.

As has already been noted many times, despite the strengthening of the quarantine regime, if we do not comply with all the requirements, without the need to leave the house, hold events, the pandemic will not recede. The only way to eliminate it is self-isolation, compliance with the instructions of doctors. At a videoconference on July 14, the Head of the state noted: “We ourselves see that a country with a strong medical culture and discipline emerges from the pandemic with the least losses”.

The government has been taking measures to combat this disease from the first days. For the health of the population, huge funds and medicines are spent. Every patient is taken care of. The number of infected people is on the rise these days. The demand for medicines is also increasing. Taking into account the real situation, in order to intensify the fight against coronavirus, the Head of the state instructed the responsible persons to create a reserve of medicines and medical supplies for 3 months.

But we must remember, no matter how well the state performs its functions, if the population does not comply with quarantine requirements, the chain of the disease will not be interrupted. The situation will change for the worse.

As a representative of people, I appeal to all voters, compatriots and urge to unite with the government these days, to remain patient, to comply with a single plan to counter the pandemic. For the sake of our children and family, we must have a little patience and observe the quarantine rules. Together we will achieve our goal.

 Dilbar Usmonova,

Deputy of the Legislative

Chamber of the Oliy Majlis

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