UzLiDeP competition winners determined

31.10.2020, 16:50

UzLiDeP competition winners determined

Executive Committee of the Political Council of the Movement of Entrepreneurs and Businesspeople – the Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan has held the republican stage of “Ishbilharmon Ayol – 2020” competition. The current event differed from previous competitions, primarily in its focus on supporting young families, identifying talents and supporting initiatives to attract women to engage in family entrepreneurship, small business and farming and promoting employment in general.

 Main attention was paid to those aspects of providing local employment that are related to vocational training and employment through the introduction of a “women’s notebook” in contrast to the previous “iron notebook” (Temir daftar). Such work is being carried out within the framework of implementation of the targeted party projects to fulfill the tasks outlined in the programs “Every family entrepreneur”, “Obod qishloq” (Prosperous village) and “Obod mahalla” (Prosperous neighborhood).

“Ishbilharmon Ayol” competition is one of the important projects of UzLiDeP. All events are held with active interaction of deputies, activists of the Women’s Wing, the Council of Farmers, Dehkan Farms and Owners of Household Lands of Uzbekistan and a number of organizations.

Participants of the event noted that over the past four years, large-scale work has been carried out in the direction of building a free and comfortable society, increasing the socio-economic activity of women, their role and status, strengthening the family institution. Most importantly, as a result of the attention shown, there are more and more women who are able to assume responsibility for development of the basis of the country’s economy – small business and private entrepreneurship.

UzLiDeP considers one of its main tasks to exalt the creative spirit, hard work and dedication of women, increase their role and status in society. Thus, during the competition organized by UzLiDeP, support was provided to women entrepreneurs and farmers who are actively working on the country’s development and ensuring the wellbeing of people. The process of developing family entrepreneurship among women was supported. Advanced entrepreneurial experience of women was popularized. Necessary conditions were created to improve their professionalism and knowledge in entrepreneurship, and, most importantly, another step has been taken towards the implementation of tasks outlined in the Party Program and the Strategy for the country’s further development.

More than 100 primary units of the party have been formed in business entities, enterprises and organizations, about 10 thousand women joined the ranks of UzLiDeP as a result of the competition, held since 2016, in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan, the Federation of Trade Unions of Uzbekistan and the Council of Farmers, Dehkan Farms and Owners of Household Lands.

8 thousand women have taken part in the current competition and presented their products, and more than 2 thousand women entrepreneurs and farmers at the district, city and regional stages. 14 women entrepreneurs and farmers who won at the regional stages became participants in the Republican stage of the competition.

An exhibition of products of the participants of the competition was presented: women entrepreneurs, artisans and farmers. Members of the jury consisting of representatives of partner organizations and members of UzLiDeP faction in the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis got acquainted with the works of the participants and gave them a worthy assessment.

In accordance with the Provisions of the project, special attention at the competition was also paid to issues of organizing the production of export-oriented, import-substituting products, improving the quality of services provided to the population, as well as new innovative ideas being implemented.

Following the event, which became a kind of holiday for women, a solemn awarding ceremony has taken place.

The jury announced the names of participants who were awarded the title of women entrepreneurs and winners in the nominations “Modern Woman Initiator”, “Charitable Woman Entrepreneur of the Year”, “Woman Farmer Active in Social Development of the Village”, “Woman Entrepreneur Active in Attraction of Investments”, “The Youngest, Active Woman Entrepreneur”. Winners were awarded diplomas and valuable gifts of UzLiDeP and partner organizations.

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