VISITING RECEPTION: problems are being solved

29.01.2018, 18:22

VISITING RECEPTION: problems are being solved

The Fergana regional council of UzLiDeP, in order to ensure the implementation of the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on measures to radically improve the system of work with appeals of individuals and legal entities from December 28, 2016, conducts a visiting reception with participation of heads of bodies of the prosecutor's office, internal affairs, taxes, commercial banks, health care institutions, center for the promotion of employment, public services, and deputies of the regional, district, city Kengashes of people's deputies.

During the visiting reception in the makhalla "Markaziy Fargona" of the Yazyavan district, citizens' appeals on the issue of providing the population with drinking water, street lighting, and gas delivery were considered. During the event, the solution of existing problems was taken under control. It was decided to send deputy requests to the relevant organizations on topical issues, and entrusted their control to local deputies of UzLiDeP.


press-service of the Fergana regional council of UzLiDeP

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