Residents of "Arsif" and "Lashkar" makhallas in Kuvasay city will be provided with drinking water on the initiative of UzLiDeP deputies

21.02.2018, 19:17

Residents of

The members deputies' group of UzLiDeP in the Kuvasay city council of people's deputies studied the appeals of the residents of "Arsif" and "Lashkar" makhallas related to the provision of drinking water. Deputies sent deputy requests to the relevant organizations.

At the meeting deputies' group of UzLiDeP in Kuvasay city council of people's deputies heard reports of the head of the Kuvasay city department of «Suvakava» D. Ermatov on the implementation of construction and reconstruction work of water facilities and the chief doctor of the state sanitary and epidemiological supervision center of Kuvasay city M.Yusupov.

According to the report, the company has all necessary equipment and the epidemiological center checks water quality in the laboratory.

At the meeting, the deputies expressed their views and opinions on the need to strengthen the control over the construction and repair of drinking water network.                                                                                    

Sh. Rakhmonkulov,

employee of the Fergana regional council of UzLiDeP

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