Shavkat Mirziyoyev: The main goal is to increase the incomes of farmers

29.08.2018, 23:50

Shavkat Mirziyoyev: The main goal is to increase the incomes of farmers
The President of the country became acquainted with activities carried out in “Yusupov Gofurjon Fayz” farm in Bekabad district.
Today, the country is introducing methods of sowing that correspond to new agricultural system, increasing the fertility of soil and providing rich harvest. Particular attention is paid to irrigation, additional fertilizing of crops on the basis of certain norms, effective control of diseases and pests, reduction of costs associated with seeds and resources. Measures are being taken for improving the selection and seed-growing work in the direction of improving the quality indicators of grain and cotton growing.
The total area of the farm specializing in grain and cotton growing is 78.6 hectares. This year, the head of “Yusupov Gofurjon Fayz” farm has grown grain on 31.1 hectares of area and collected more than 71 centners of crop from each hectare. Net profit amounted to 80 million sums. At present, cotton is cultivated on 47.5 hectares. It is expected to receive more than 35 centners of crop from each hectare.
The farmer concluded contracts with exporting organizations for the supply of 13.5 tons of mung bean, 7.5 tons of beans, as well as supply to the domestic market of 60 tons of potatoes and 45 tons of carrots. For this, agricultural products are grown on the areas that have been freed from grain. Particular attention is paid to ensuring the interests of 35 workers who work in the farm.
The Head of the state talked with farmers of the region at the field camp.
The main profit to the country is brought by agriculture. Creating promising, high-yielding varieties of cotton, planting cotton in double rows promote to increasing incomes of a farmer. Since the farmer is working on the field, let him reap the fruits of his laborious work – buy a house, a car, educate children and hold their weddings, the President said.
Authorized persons were given instructions on development of multi-sectoral farms, studying foreign experience in this area.
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Рахманова Гульнара КР Тахтакупир туман Кенгаши ижрочи котиб 2018-08-30 08:48:44

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