Candidate`s trustee of islam karimov met voters of Kattakurgan and Pakhtachi districts

22.03.2015, 19:18

Candidate`s trustee of islam karimov met voters of Kattakurgan and Pakhtachi districts

In the field are underway meetings of the candidate`s trustee of Islam Karimov from UzLiDeP with voters.

At the meeting in Kattakurgan and Pakhtachi districts were attended the representatives of the public, members of local councils of people's deputies, chairmen of the village and Makhalla assemblies of citizens, students and media.

During the meetings, candidate`s trustee H. Normurodov, Chairman of the Samarkand regional branch of the Fund "Nuroniy" familiarized participants with the biography and the election program of the candidate.

The program sets out such important areas as the comprehensive development of our country, the consistent continuation of large-scale socio-economic reforms, steady increase of incomes and quality of life. In particular, special attention is paid to further development of small business and private entrepreneurship, the implementation of structural reforms in agriculture and food security, to further improve the investment climate, employment of population.

It was also underlined that in the center of attention will be the issues to eliminate all barriers before private businesses, providing them complete freedom, the revision of state involvement in the economy, improve soil fertility and optimize the structure of sown areas, continue conversion farms in multidisciplinary, introducing the most modern agricultural technologies, raising farmers' movement to a new level.

At the meetings, Chairman of the village assembly of citizens "Payshanba" in Kattakurgan district K. Akhmedov, Director of the school №1 D.Ibragimova, Deputy of council of people's deputies Sh. Amirov and others noted that in our country in the years of independence achieved great success that supporting the candidate of Islam Karimov at the elections will ensure further continuation of reforms in the country directed at developing economy and well-being of population.

They also called on the voters to take an active part in the upcoming March 29 elections of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan and vote for Islam Karimov.

UzLiDeP Press service