What do people think about the work of deputies?

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Posted in: 21.04.2017 18:30

Within the framework of the State Program “Year of Dialogue with the People and Human Interests” мembers of the UzLiDeP deputy group in the Andijan regional council of people's deputies conduct deputy control over the course of socio-economic reforms on the ground and actively participate in solving citizens problems.

To assess the results of the ongoing work in this direction, we asked the opinion of citizens:

Hulkaroy Ulmasova,  housewife, resident of the street Ikhlos, makhalla Toslok in Kurgantepa district:

— Honestly, at the beginning before the visit of deputies,  I don't very well imagine their activity. After talking with them, I thought that they just promise. But I began to trust them more when I saw how they solve problems and take control of each issue.

Mashkhura Ruziboeva, temporarily unemployed, resident of the street Matonat in the Kurgantepa district:

— After graduating from college, I was looking for a job for several years. At the meeting with deputy M. Yuldosheva,  I asked her to help me find a job. She helped me to find a job in the production enterprise "Best textile". At present I collect necessary documents for employment.

Zafarjon Kobulov, director of the school №22 in Bozsky district:

— Our school has a problem with drinking water supply. I applied to several organizations, but this question did not dare. Deputy Feruza Rustamova comprehensively studied this issue and she helped to positively solve our problem. We were convinced that dialogue with deputies is an effective method of solving issues of concern to the population.

Yusupov Abdumumin, activist of the SGI “Uchkuprik” in Ulugnar district:

—It is noticeable, that the deputies ' activities have intensified. I can say with confidence that they have become the defenders of the population. For example, deputy U. Abdullayev helped solve the issue of replacing poles for power transmission. Now we have new ones.

Indeed, the deputy's task is to serve the people. Their activity and initiative is an important condition for improving the well-being of the population and improving the effectiveness of reforms. In a word, the deputies must justify the people's confidence!

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