"Youth Wing"of UzLiDeP via its projects created 35 thousand new jobs

Posted in: 06.01.2017 12:46

Today the implementation of the state youth policy is one of the priority tasks of UzLiDeP. The aim of which is to educate of young generation, imparting to them national and universal values, love and devotion to the motherland and its people, creating all possible conditions of versatile development – physical, spiritual and moral.

In order to implement the goals and objectives of the "Youth wing" of UzLiDeP in 2016 following work has been done:

  • According to the objectives and tasks of the Party in 2016 "Youth wing" conducted 3786 events, meetings and party projects;
  • They were attended by more than 456,540 graduates of professional colleges, students, and activists of the party;
  • Within the project "With diploma to business - 2016" 2712 graduates received 25 billion. 569 million sum of soft loans. In 2010-2016 within the project for the development of business activities 6 712 young people have received 47 billion soum of credits from commercial banks;
  • 42 participants of the final contest «Enterprising Student – 2016 » received special scholarships from the party. Generally, until today within this project 280 young people were awarded special scholarships. As a result, 15 thousand youth have established their business;
  • The forum of young entrepreneurs and farmers in honor of the 25th anniversary of Uzbekistan’s Independence under the slogan «My life, my destiny – my sacred homeland, my beautiful and unique Uzbekistan» was held. More than 300 young entrepreneurs and farmers from various regions of Uzbekistan and others took part in the event;
  • Within the project «Young leaders of the party - the future staffs»  950 promising youth included in the reserve of the party;
  • In order to promote the program of the candidate for the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan from UzLiDeP among the population, especially young people "Youth wing" held an action "We vote for prosperity and a bright future!" and organized quizzes "Expert of the progress" and "Expert of the future";
  • In order to increase the interest of young to the sport and attract them to a healthy lifestyle, the competition of Cross Fit was held;
  • "Youth Wing" via its projects created 35 thousand new jobs;
  • In 2016, about 161003 (49.6%) of the total number of party members are youth.

"Youth wing" of the party has been developed a program of action for 2017. Within which it is planned to develop a mobile version of the programs, to develop and organize cultural and educational projects "My personal library" and "Caravan of youth", to conduct training and open dialogue "From peer to peer" and other events.

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