UzLiDeP held an open dialogue to improve the efficiency of the "Youth Wing"

Posted in: 29.12.2016 17:07

Today, more than 60 percent of Uzbekistan's population is young people. Therefore, a key priority of all the positive changes in the country has become a concern for the upbringing of harmoniously developed younger generation as to be physically healthy and spiritually mature, intellectually rich, having not only the comprehensive knowledge and popular professions in the modern world, but also the creative, independent thinking.

In the pre-election program of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan was noted that today’s rapidly changing world opens up the new and great opportunities before the humanity and the youth. Along with this, they bring various threats such as the religious extremism, terrorism, drug abuse, human trafficking, illegal migration and “mass culture”. Given such tense and threatening situation, we should bring up our children on our own by not abandoning to others. In accomplishment of these tasks, it is necessary to lean upon the centuries-long national traditions and rich heritage of our ancestors.

In the report the Head of State put forward a number of ideas to improve the legal culture and the promotion of healthy lifestyles among young people. In particular, it is planned to continue the work undertaken to ensure the interests of the younger generation on the basis of the recently adopted the Law “On the state policy on youth”.

In order to improve the activities of the "Youth wing", UzLiDeP organized an open dialogue. It was attended by members of UzLiDeP faction in the Legislative Chamber, activists of "Youth Wing" and experts.

The event was aimd to strengthen the role of the "Youth wing" in implementation of UzLiDeP program and ensuring interests of the electorate, raising political consciousness and culture of youth, formation of their strong life position, strengthening the sense of belonging to the reforms in the country. It is also important to strengthen the role of the "Youth wing" of the party in the broader involvement of young people in entrepreneurial activity, increasing their activity in party activities, especially in the work aimed at uniting active youth around the party.

During the event, participants discussed the survey results and set objectives to strengthen the work of "Youth wing" in the region. Participants of the open dialogue expressed their proposals to work with disorganized youth, increase cultural and intellectual potential and entrepreneurial skills of young people.

The "Youth wing" of UzLiDeP has developed an action programme for 2017 on the basis of received proposals.

UzLiDeP press service

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