UzLiDeP: to boost the interest of the population in reading books is the main task

Posted in: 26.12.2016 17:41

UzLiDeP council in Tashkent city organized "round table" on the theme «The book is the cradle of spirituality» in order to widely explain the essence and significance of the President's report at the solemn meeting dedicated to the 24th anniversary of the Constitution of our country, as well as to further strengthen the interest in reading among the population especially women and youth.

Participants noted that the upbringing our youth physically healthy and spiritually mature, intellectually rich, in the spirit of national and universal values, possessing not only a comprehensive knowledge demanded by professions nowadays, but also able to think independently and creatively were identified as a priority in the pre-election program of our President.

In order to ensure these tasks UzLiDeP has planned to implement a number of activities aimed at increasing literacy level of youth and its interest in reading the book.

It was noted that the knowledge gained at an early age is an advantage throughout life. Therefore in our country pays more attention to create all possible conditions of versatile development – physical, spiritual and moral.

– The book has a special place in the upbringing of young generations on the basis of national and universal values, love and devotion to the motherland, noted deputy chairperson of the executive committee of the party’s political council M.Akromova, – Therefore, in our country in order to increase the knowledge and culture of the young generation are conducting events such as book presentations, literary evenings and etc.

During the event UzLiDeP organized literary musical evening in order to disseminate the masterpieces of national literature among women and youth. Representatives of art and literature as well as students talked about the development of national literature, new trends in it, reading culture, and etc.

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in Tashkent city Council 

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