Tashkent city

04.10.2018, 18:48
Activists of UzLiDeP studied the activity of the Uchtepa small industrial zone
The members of the working group of activists of the Tashkent сity сouncil of UzLiDeP got acquainted with the activities of the Uchtepa small ...
20.09.2018, 11:08
Deputy opened a book store for a citizen with disability
Mirzabobur Ulmasov is a disabled person, but in spite of this he aims to do business. He told that he wants to open a bookstore, but has no money, so ...
10.08.2018, 15:42
The winner of «Ishbilarmon Ayol» contest H. Imamova provided employment for 800 women and girls
The city stage of the «Ishbilarmon Ayol» contest was held by the "Women's wing" of the Tashkent city council of UzLiDeP. It was attended ...
30.07.2018, 17:59
При содействии активиста УзЛиДеП заново построен махаллинский гузар «Куёш»
Здание махаллинского схода граждан «Куёш» в Алмазарском районе столицы уже давно нуждалось в ремонте. Это создавало неудобства для ...
30.07.2018, 17:55
Draft law to regulate rules of living in multi-apartment buildings is developed by deputies
Currently, over 4,000 private housing associations operate in Uzbekistan, serving more than 32,400 apartment buildings.Scales of construction and ...
23.07.2018, 17:58
Swimming pool to be built in makhalla within the framework of the program «Obod makhalla» («Prosperous neighborhood»)
Within the framework of the program «Obod makhalla» («Prosperous neighborhood») developed on the initiative of the President ...
29.06.2018, 18:44
10 students of the Tashkent State University of Economics included in the personnel database of UzLiDeP
The Tashkent city council of UzLiDeP together with the Tashkent State University of Economics organized a «round table» on the topic: ...
27.06.2018, 18:04
The most complex system will be simplified
In order to increase the investment attractiveness of the pharmaceutical market in our country, the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan signed a ...
26.06.2018, 12:05
Projects will be implemented in the territory of small industrial zones
The decree of the Head of State on measures to further strengthen the development of the production of prosthetic and orthopedic products and ...
26.06.2018, 12:04
24-hour shift patrol mode to be organized in the capital city
According to the decree of the head of the country «On additional measures to improve the efficiency of public order, prevention of crime and ...

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