Samarkand region

01.03.2019, 07:40
The state will help textile enterprises exporting at least 80 percent of finished goods to repay loans
Potential of textile, garment and knitting industry is revealed in the country from year to year. In particular, attention at places is paid to ...
20.02.2019, 10:05
There is no water in Agron village. The population have to buy a car of water for 200 thousand UZS
Nurabad district Kengash of UzLiDeP held an on-site reception of citizens in the secondary school No.55 of Agron village.At the event, the population ...
18.02.2019, 22:35
Hungyuan Cement Uzbekistan – China joint venture will employ 1500 young people
This was discussed at the meeting of UzLiDeP deputy group in Kattakurgan district Kengash of people’s deputies. At the meeting, a report ...
18.02.2019, 22:34
3200 new jobs will be created in Ishtikhan district this year
This was announced during the event on “Cluster method in cultivation of agricultural products”, initiated by Samarkand regional Kengash ...
16.02.2019, 10:13
Deputy explained to entrepreneurs the irrelevance of claims to the administration of Marmar market
Back in August 2018, a group of entrepreneurs operating in Marmar market, headed by Doniyor Rakhmanov, addressed the chairman of Samarkand Regional ...
19.10.2018, 09:55
UzLiDeP organized training seminar for agitators from Kattakkurgan
The Kattakurgan district council of UzLiDeP organized a training seminar for members of the group of agitators (leaders) at the training and sports ...
04.10.2018, 18:53
UzLiDeP identified tasks to strengthen the activities of the deputy group
A meeting on the analysis of the activities of executive secretaries and deputy groups of UzLiDeP in the regional, district (city) councils of ...
27.09.2018, 10:45
Activist of UzLiDeP won district stage of «Tashabbus-2018» contest
A resident of the Akdarya district of the Samarkand region T. Abdujalilov processes and sells nuts for 20 years. In order to export agricultural ...
12.09.2018, 18:30
The working group met with residents of the Taylak and Urgut regions
During the month members of the working group of UzLiDeP activists visited all districts and cities of Samarkand region and held open dialogues with ...
02.09.2018, 11:56
Aktam Khaitov: expansion of the ranks of entrepreneurs and farmers should become one of the main goals of UzLiDeP
The Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Political Council UzLiDeP Aktam Khaitov visited the diversified farm «Istiqlol Shulasi» in ...
Holmukhammedov Murodilla Makhmudovich

Holmukhammedov Murodilla Makhmudovich

Chairman of the Council

Address: 82 Shakhrukh str., Samarkand city.

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